Kino Project M101MC – Final Submission

Image by Jonathan Olley, from the Castles of Ulster series.

The subject of Surveillance is incredibly wide and currently a controversial topic in modern day society. The debate in regards to the implementation of ID cards & CCTV in areas specifically identified as susceptible to recruiting potential extremists. The argument between protection of society and invasion of privacy being one of many opinions. With Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange and Edward Snowdon all featuring in this story line of recent years and the ever increasing paranoia of the public in regards to terrorism heightened by the constant media speculation and recent electoral results.

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DaDa – Studio Artist Project M101MC

Following my research on the DaDa movement, I arranged permission to film some of the dance students in one of their practical lessons. The footage that I obtained had a nice selection of subjects performing various rolls and movements on the floor. This gave me a nice neutral, flat background to film against to allow the dancers movements to be the main focus of the film. I selected two sections to experiment with in Studio Artist. Below is a screen grab of Adobe Premier and a clip of the selected footage.

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Kino Project Audio with Video experiment M101MC

In this version I have nearly finalised my video edit. I have a few ideas of how to tidy it up and to add effects to it. I thought I’d take the time to play around with the audio. I had the idea of listening to a wire tap and replicating the hiss and distortion. I used Adobe Audition to generate a voice reading a description of surveillance, although I found it a little robotic so am currently trying to line up someone to record the script. I like the sense of menace it adds to the piece, including the lack of voice in the last scene, allowing the view to observe the subject. Below are a few research samples from a real FBI wire tap, the movie “The Conversation” and TV show “The Wire”.

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