First week, first field trip.

Welcome to my first post for my blog supporting my studies for an MA in 21st Century Media Practice. For our first induction week session we went on a field trip to the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham to see its current exhibitions including Sara Barker, Philippine Hamen and Ċ½ilvinas Kempinas.

The multiple installations of Kempinas stood out from the other artists. From walking into the first, forest like, brand new installation made for the Ikon exhibition, you felt immediately absorbed by the space. A gloss black floor reflected both the images of the tripod like white trees that stretched up to the ceiling, along side the projected branches that enveloped the walls.

Your ears were drawn through the forest to the next piece, a simple but well executed kinetic installation using a large loop of magnetic VHS tape that was levitating mid-air from the power of a down turned fan and three metal strips on the floor causing updrafts. The ring of tape floated around the space in a almost life-like fashion, occasionally reaching out to observers standing close enough to unintentionally effect the invisible air flow.

The third space contained multiple elements in a pitch black room. The space was punctuated by more VHS tape, this time hung floor to ceiling almost column like that you had to weave your way through. On three of the wall were illuminated circular reliefs, made from plaster with a moonscape like finish to the surface. The fourth wall seem to be at first glance a projection of static, however on closer inspection was a large light box with horizontal lengths of VHS running the width of the box being moved by a jet of air. This was an fantastic optical illusion.