Kino Project Audio with Video experiment M101MC

In this version I have nearly finalised my video edit. I have a few ideas of how to tidy it up and to add effects to it. I thought I’d take the time to play around with the audio. I had the idea of listening to a wire tap and replicating the hiss and distortion. I used Adobe Audition to generate a voice reading a description of surveillance, although I found it a little robotic so am currently trying to line up someone to record the script. I like the sense of menace it adds to the piece, including the lack of voice in the last scene, allowing the view to observe the subject. Below are a few research samples from a real FBI wire tap, the movie “The Conversation” and TV show “The Wire”.

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Kino Experimentation M101MC – Photography

I’ve been experimenting with photographic elements to add to the video. I’ve thought about adding biological/physical aspects of the human body, to try to incorporate the development of the finger prints and eye scans for security protocols – like unlocking your phone. I have also read some interesting articles of security services using DNA to track/profile you, I have included links at the bottom. In addition to the scans of my fingers, I have photographed some microscope slides of biological items/sections. I’m not sure how to include these with the direction that my edit is heading.

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DaDa-ism M101MC Research.

Dada Video about the history of the Dada art movement screened in the “Dada on Tour” tent at Art Stage Singapore 2016.

1928 Dadaist Film by Director Hans Richter.

The ABC’s of DADA – a brief history of the artists involved and the MERZ movement.

The DADA Companion is a comprehensive website covering the DADA (not an art) movement, manifestos, locations, artists and techniques including reference to the Sex Pistols and Punk movement.

DADA blog with sound clips, typography and design concepts.