M104MC – Final Project

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M104MC – Final Project

Subject: Coventry Canal Warehouse Artists.

For my final project I propose to make a Klynt documentary about the artists who are based in the different studios located in the Canal Warehouse in Coventry. My initial idea is to expand upon the film I made for the Zero project and to produce several films for the different artists who work in the studios. There are painters, sculptors, fashion designers and various craftspeople that I hope to document. As part of the project, I hope to include a film about the trust and the building, including a short history of its recent development in the last thirty years.

This project will only work if I get multiple subjects on board, so I am approaching the trustees who run the warehouse, and who are some of the main artists I hope to work with, to contact the community who reside in the building.



Canal warehouse visuals and environmental audio for menus and archival elements.

Artists films – Experimental documentary. Audio/video interviews. 360 studio interior photo/maps – node for each documentary.

Building History/Trust documentary

I am looking into the use of VR/360-degree media to navigate website and videos? Klynt can use 360 videos, so I will start testing to see how they work with the software.


This is subject to confirming willing participants. I have started the project now as I have limited availability for the project due to working full time. The project will be filmed in Coventry at the Canal Warehouse. I am arranging an initial meeting with Alan Dyer next week at the warehouse. I have spoken to him on the phone and sent him the email below with a little more detail of the project and to circulate as an initial call for participants.

Email to Alan:

Hi Alan,

Further to our conversation about my proposed Final Major Project for my MA in 21st Century Media Practice, could I ask you to forward my proposal to the other artists in the Canal Warehouse to see if they would be interested in being part of it?


As a development of the short documentary I made of Alison Lambert earlier in my course, I wish to produce a series of short experimental films of the Artists located in the Canal Warehouse. I’m interested in working with visual artists and designers, as this would translate best into the films. These could include fine artists, sculptors, fashion designers and craftspeople.

These short films would be of each artist at work, in their studio filmed in an observational style, without interaction from myself. In addition, I would also like to produce a short audio or visual interview with each artist to accompany each of the experimental films talking about their work/inspirations/methodology. For Alison’s film, I spent around 3-4 hours one morning with her, so I would hope that this would be similar for each artist.

All the films would all be collated using a program called Klynt, to produce an online interactive documentary. I would be happy for the Canal Trust or any of the individual artists to use the documentary to promote their work, with the relevant credit.

I would like to include a separate interview with yourself about why you set up the warehouse and the history/ethos of the Trust. This would be included in a short film of the warehouse. Do you have any archival footage/images I could use?

The project will run from now until July 2018, with the hope to start filming in next few weeks.

I can be contacted via email at kevinrossin@gmail.com or by phone/text on 07881784685 by yourself and/or by the artists for more information.

I hope that this project interests the artists as it can only be made with their help!

Kind regards

Kevin Rossin

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Kino Project Audio with Video experiment M101MC

In this version I have nearly finalised my video edit. I have a few ideas of how to tidy it up and to add effects to it. I thought I’d take the time to play around with the audio. I had the idea of listening to a wire tap and replicating the hiss and distortion. I used Adobe Audition to generate a voice reading a description of surveillance, although I found it a little robotic so am currently trying to line up someone to record the script. I like the sense of menace it adds to the piece, including the lack of voice in the last scene, allowing the view to observe the subject. Below are a few research samples from a real FBI wire tap, the movie “The Conversation” and TV show “The Wire”.

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Kino Experimentation M101MC – Photography

I’ve been experimenting with photographic elements to add to the video. I’ve thought about adding biological/physical aspects of the human body, to try to incorporate the development of the finger prints and eye scans for security protocols – like unlocking your phone. I have also read some interesting articles of security services using DNA to track/profile you, I have included links at the bottom. In addition to the scans of my fingers, I have photographed some microscope slides of biological items/sections. I’m not sure how to include these with the direction that my edit is heading.

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