M100 Sound Project – Live Street Performance.

Below is the full two minutes of the performance of my Sound Project piece. It is unedited and very rough as I pan around quickly to spot reactions. I was a little disappointed that there were less people around at the time my piece was played out compared to other works, however this was an organic performance space and I accept that. My initial feelings were that elements of my work wasn’t as punchy as some of my fellow students, the more mechanical noises seem to get more reaction overall than some of my more subtle recordings of church bells and hammer sounds. I guess these occur more regularly in our daily environment so that we have become desensitized to them. From reviewing my footage I did notice that it did get the attention of more people that I realised, including one person who was distracted from his mobile phone call and then tried to cross the road in front of a car – well that’s what I taking the credit for! There were a lot of what the hell is that expressions, along with some nonchalant glances up to the sound source.