DaDa – Studio Artist Project M101MC

Following my research on the DaDa movement, I arranged permission to film some of the dance students in one of their practical lessons. The footage that I obtained had a nice selection of subjects performing various rolls and movements on the floor. This gave me a nice neutral, flat background to film against to allow the dancers movements to be the main focus of the film. I selected two sections to experiment with in Studio Artist. Below is a screen grab of Adobe Premier and a clip of the selected footage.

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DaDa-ism M101MC Research.

Dada Video about the history of the Dada art movement screened in the “Dada on Tour” tent at Art Stage Singapore 2016.

1928 Dadaist Film by Director Hans Richter.

The ABC’s of DADA – a brief history of the artists involved and the MERZ movement.

The DADA Companion is a comprehensive website covering the DADA (not an art) movement, manifestos, locations, artists and techniques including reference to the Sex Pistols and Punk movement.

DADA blog with sound clips, typography and design concepts.