M104MC – Final Project – Reflection


“Common Spaces is a documentary about the artists located in the Coventry Canal Warehouse.

The project records the artists working in their studios and explores their relationship with the building and city.”


All blog posts to be considered for evaluation towards this submission can be located under the ‘Final Project M104MC‘ category.


My final project has turned out to be one of considerable scale with further areas to continue to explore after the end of the course. I have enjoyed it immensely and think it has been an overall success. There are a few areas that I didn’t get to finish that I would like to complete in the future, for instance the interview with Alison Lambert. I may look at using this project as platform to use to expand the idea further with funding from the City of Culture grant scheme that has recently been launched. I guess with this ambition I have found both the interest and the skill set to produce documentary films, I have never considered myself as a film maker before, but would be happy to include that in a description of myself.

Common Spaces does show a sense of community, whilst acknowledging the individuality of each artist. It explores the studio space as well as the artist and their techniques.

I have succeeded in my goal of going out and producing a body of work whilst studying the MA, and this project is something I feel proud of and would be happy to show as a portfolio piece, even with it’s rough edges in places. I hope it leads to future projects working with other types of artists. I think the concept would translate well to a musician or band. I will have to improve on my journalistic skills if this was to be an on-going ambition.

I did enjoy experimenting with the 360 footage and the different ways or viewing the films, such as with the VR headsets. It would be great to look into embedding information within the 360 video footage. Although the render times for 360 video is pretty scary!

Working with such a great group of subjects has been very rewarding. My relationship with them all has grown outside of the project.

My thanks goes out to all who I have worked with and supported me during this process, with special to my wife Kate and son Remi for enduring my stress and giving me the time to work on my MA.

Thanks to the support and guidance from my tutor Ken Fero, he has taught me to always question what you are seeing.

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