M104MC – Final Project – 360 Videos

I have previously posted about the 360 videos I had tested and the research for the concepts here.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 11.10.18

In one of my previous posts I proposed the idea of shooting a group 360 interview of all the artists is a literal round table format. Although the idea is still something I want to pursue, I wasn’t able find the time to schedule this before my deadline. It was hard enough arranging individual one at a time to film, let alone four or five at the same time. I will have to think about the questions being asked to fit this style of interview as I can’t ask the same questions as I did before. For now this element will be on hold.

The 360 videos in the the previous posts are from the Insta360 Pro camera. I did experiment with a second camera after shooting John Yeadon to give a second and different aspect. I used a smaller Theta came, similar in size to a slim mobile phone, mounted on a small table tripod that I placed close to where the artists were working, some times n the bench directly in front of them. I set the camera running at the same time as the larger camera. When I came back into the studio to stop the cameras I found that the Theta had turned itself off on several occasions and would not power up again. When checking the footage back later after the shoot I found that not all of it had saved. I suspect the battery was being affected by the cold in the studio and there may have been a problem with the firmware on the camera itself. This was disappointing, but I did have a couple of usable files. Below is an example for the Theta camera.

I kept the 360 films as separate pieces. This was partially due to only having single files for some artists and because how hard it was to handle the files in Premier without their formatting. In preparation for use in Klynt I uploaded the files to You Tube. On You Tube you can change resolution and drag the screen around using a mouse on a desktop computer. If you view the video via the You Tube mobile phone app, the video fills your screen and you can pan round the video by moving your handset around 360 degrees almost if you were using augmented reality.


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