M104MC Final Project – Update

With just over a month until hand in, panic has starting to set in. I’m sure this is usual for every student with a deadline, but I have concerns that I may not be able to complete all the aspects that I wanted to include in the documentary.

I have rough cuts of my films, the interviews are rendering, but this takes nearly an hour for each one, I need to design my Klynt interface and write content, I have scheduled the drone flight for Friday morning and I need to go through the archive of the Trust to find images to scan. You may notice that I have omitted the 360 group interview from my list, I still want to film it, however I think this could be the item that gets pulled if I run out of time. There is of course the write up of the project, as always with students I haven’t been blogging as I have been going along, so there may be a frantic flurry of posts towards the end of the project hand in.

Like the England football team, I hope I don’t fail at the final stages of my course…



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