M104MC – Final Project Research

From speaking with the artists at the canal basin, I have decided to do a group interview with the main trustees. To add an element of interest I want to shoot it in 360. From shooting the individual artists in the studio I have found that one of the issues with the Insta360 Pro camera is that the audio levels are very low. I set out to see what alternatives I could use in an interview situation as the audio is more crucial than the visuals. I thought about using a clip mic on each on the panel members but this would require mixing the audio on a specialist system and a lot of post production. I did a search on the internet and found mention of using a Zoom H2n audio recorder that can record spatial sound being used with the camera for Facebook live. I looked further into this and found that there is a post on the Insta360 forums linking a Zoom H2n to the camera. Using a separate recorder has it’s issues, The camera has a very loud cooling fan that it samples and removes from it’s internal audio recordings, this would have to be done in post production with the Zoom unit.


I have updated the camera to the relevant firmware and have booked out the Zoom to experiment with, however haven’t got the correct cable to link to the USB-C port, so I will have to book out a USB hub to overcome this issue. I will post my findings to see if I can improve the audio in preparation for my interview.



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