Motion Project M102MC Final Submission

Individual Film:

Motion Lab Film:

Blog post:


One thought on “Motion Project M102MC Final Submission

  1. Kevin, or should I say Britney because Whoops You’ve Done it Again! This was an outstanding submission with a suitably anal approach to documenting the whole process fro exploring the Isadora software through to the Motion Lab. There were some really good influences and ideas put into practice and the pieces themselves were very good. The individual piece based on line was strong although I really liked the effect of the coloured version, which felt less puritanical and more playful. The sound scaping really helped and the whole piece came to life in the Lab with the juxtaposition of the dancer which I thought worked really well partly because the digital fragmentation of line was less dominant but also because the sense of motion was much stronger. The interweaving play with line and dimension moving between the two reminded of Paul Klee’s thoughts of ‘going for a walk with a line’. Your engagement and support of others in your group and beyond was supportive to the project as a whole and so that was much appreciated. Well done.


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