DaDa – Studio Artist Project M101MC

Following my research on the DaDa movement, I arranged permission to film some of the dance students in one of their practical lessons. The footage that I obtained had a nice selection of subjects performing various rolls and movements on the floor. This gave me a nice neutral, flat background to film against to allow the dancers movements to be the main focus of the film. I selected two sections to experiment with in Studio Artist. Below is a screen grab of Adobe Premier and a clip of the selected footage.


Studio Artist

This was my first time using Studio Artist. My first impressions of using the software was that it seemed to be a little limited, having only presets to use. However, after a little experimentation, I managed to customize a preset by altering some of the settings. I did find the lack of previewing the effects on a clip frustrating, as the render times did draw out the time working on an idea.

As you can see by the screen shots below, I experimented with several of the preset, including the temporal effects as well as the paint effects. At the bottom on these are test videos using the ‘Midnight Aura 1’ and ‘Mass Abstract 2’ presets.





The below was an experiment with the temporal presets. I liked this effect, however I had to bear in mind that the finished piece was going to be projected onto a white building, and I was afraid that the video didn’t have enough colour or contrast to stand out.

Below are the screen grabs of the customization of my own preset. You can see that I am trying to build up both the colour and contrast using blocks. I turned some of the different stages on and off using the editor. I really liked the impressionistic look that reminded me of works by the artist Paul Klee.



Final Version and Performance

This is the video of the final version. I am happy with the outcome of the piece, it has both bold movements and strong colours that work well projected. I think if I had another opportunity to film the material again I would try to get the dancers to perform something perhaps as a duet, this would possibly make a stronger composition.

Unfortunately, when it came to performing my video, I had rendered it at too higher bit rate for the computer that was driving the projector. I had tested it before on my laptop and it worked fine. This was a valuable lesson to learn for my future submissions.


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