Kino Experimentation M101MC – Photography

I’ve been experimenting with photographic elements to add to the video. I’ve thought about adding biological/physical aspects of the human body, to try to incorporate the development of the finger prints and eye scans for security protocols – like unlocking your phone. I have also read some interesting articles of security services using DNA to track/profile you, I have included links at the bottom. In addition to the scans of my fingers, I have photographed some microscope slides of biological items/sections. I’m not sure how to include these with the direction that my edit is heading.

170116112626486170113142053953170113142550900fingers005fingerprint-1 – UK DNA Profiling bank

Article: Congress-should-act-to-protect-dna-from-genetic-surveillance

Stop and Spit: DNA Surveillance Is The New Stop-And-Frisk


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