M100 Zero Project Cut 3

Below is a different edit for my Zero project. Cut 2 I haven’t uploaded yet due to Vimeo restrictions, but just has an amended opening scene from Cut 1. My current thinking is to combine parts of cuts 2 + 3 to make a final version, however I will seek feedback from Thursdays lesson to see what are the stronger elements of each version.


One thought on “M100 Zero Project Cut 3

  1. Hi Kevin sorry for the delay in commenting. There is a good sense of you understanding what we are asking for with the zero project. Your shots are good and the quality and exposure give great detail and sense of the materials being used. I like the extreme close ups and the sound of the materials as they are being worked. It is not often that we see an un self concious record of somebody working in their studio. I like the different views and the movement she is making while approaching the drawing then moving away to look at what has been done. I guess it may be to the constricted nature of the space that more of your own movement wasn’t evident. This can be quite an important element in cinema verite, the feeling of moving with the subject. Sometimes it feels that you felt constrained in doing this?
    You also mentioned that she got pissed off at points and frustrated with what she was doing. It might be worth looking at this as an integral part of the process. I would also be interested in your own process and why you feel that certain versions work better than others. This doesn’t have to be fully formulated but just in words what your initial reactions and thoughts are.
    The work is very strong and is a great start to the course. Well done.


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