Home Land Security Exhibition – San Francisco

In October I had the opportunity to visit the Home Land Security Exhibition set in several former US military bunkers in the Presideo area of San Francisco. The exhibition incorporated the works of 16 contemporary artists, including Bill Viola’s work -The Martyrs, that we recently viewed on our field trip to St Paul’s Cathedral in London. The setting for the exhibition was a interesting reflection on the concepts of some of the pieces. Themes included surveillance, displacement, fleeing conflicts and immigration. All very relevant in the current climate of Geo-political conflicts. Here are some of the highlights from the show and location that I documented:


Al Farrow – Mosque III


Alexia Webster – Refugee Street Studio


Views of the location at the Presidio


Liza Lou – Barricade


Michele Pred – Encirclement


Shahpour Pouyan – Projectiles


The Propeller Group – AK-47 vs M16

Clip of the video element of the two bullets colliding.

Luz Maria Sanchez – 2487


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