M100 – Experimental Sound Project – Research

Our first project is the Experimental Sound Project.


“Musique Concrete is about the art of decision. It’s the art of choice. You select one sound over another and that’s where composing begins”. Pierre Henry.

The Art of Sounds (2007) – Pierre Henry:

Walter Murch on sound design:

Article on Analogue Worldization by Shaun Farley

Trailer for THX 1138:

Ben Burtt is another American sound designer/editor/director who works for Skywalker Sound/Lucas Film. He has been sound designer on most of George Lucas’ films including the Star-wars franchise and notability on the Disney animation Wall-E. I have previously watched the DVD extras on Wall-E were I found the short documentary on how Burtt designed the abstract sounds to accompany the movie.

Ben Burtt Wall-E documentary parts 1&2:

Bebe and Louis Barron were a husband team of composers, who captured Sci-fi fans hearts with the highly experimental sound track to the 1956 film called Forbidden Planet. At the time Bebe and Louis were regarded as pioneers in their field of electronic music, incorporating feedback loops with oscillators to their analogue magnetic tape recorders to produced the futuristic sound you can hear in the track below.

Love at the Swimming Hole:


Forbidden Planet Soundtrack:

Ben Burtt demonstrating the sound techniques for Forbidden Planet (1956):

The sounds that Ben is producing in this clip have similarities to some of the sounds I have recorded, albeit with a different technique of harnessing the feedback loops, in my case using two laptop computers in close proximity to each other linked via Face Time.

Nicholas Peters is currently studying for a PHD at Coventry University and produces sound scapes/tracks. His Sound Cloud account contains different styles of compositions that reflect various mood and ambience, some conventional and some abstract.


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