21st Century Media Practice MA


Welcome to my blog that details my studies on 21st Century Media Practice MA that I am undertaking on a part-time basis at Coventry University, along side my full-time employment at a technician and practitioner in photography & media.

One thought on “21st Century Media Practice MA

  1. Kevin, what can I say? Once again a very thorough documentation of the process of both the Dada and Kino projects. It was good to see all the influences and artists that were discussed in class cited and to know that you took those investigations further. The concept of the wiretap audio was interesting. The Live of Others and The Conversation are good examples of how audio sound scaping can really enrich a film to the point that it dominates the image. The Dada piece was just an experiment but it would be good to see that taken further in the future. The Kino piece has a real style to it and worked across the different iterations, it’s a strong response to the concept of surveillance, which, as you say, is broad. The piece works well as the image and sound have an equal weighting which is an improvement on the pervious work and a concept and working practice to maintain for the rest of the course. Overall the work and documentation is thoughtful and refreshing. The next step will be total abstraction so it will be interesting to see how you handle that and to lure you away from conventions.


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